Debt Management Session/Entrance Exam:

Deciding Wisely

The DMS/EE is offered to help potential student borrowers in making informed financial decisions, before accepting any loan offer on their Financial Aid Notification (FAN), by providing them with information on the:

  • terms and conditions associated with different types of student loans
  • rights and responsibilities of student loan borrowers and lenders
  • long-term effects of borrowing
  • ways to best utilize loans to meet the cost of education

You may also want to discuss your educational loan offers and college finances with a parent or an advisor.



  • A brief instruction and weblink pertaining to this online session/exam is included in every Initial Aid Offer email sent to regular UCLA students when their FAN becomes available on the Financial Aid Office's MyFAO webpage.  (The email’s subject line reads: Your FAN Notification.) Notice regarding this session/exam as it pertains to UCLA Extension students is included in print publications issued by UCLA Extension.

  • ALL GRADUATE/PROFESSIONAL STUDENTS who began attending UCLA within the 2008-2009 academic year, please be aware that federal requirements regarding the Grad PLUS Program have changed. In order to satisfy the new federal requirements, UCLA graduate/professional student borrowers applying for Grad PLUS must complete the newly-updated online Debt Management Session/Entrance Exam BEFORE their Grad PLUS funds can be disbursed.  All graduate/professional students who complete an online DMS/EE on or after 4/23/08 will receive credit for having fulfilled the new requirement.

  • CURRENT AND RETURNING STUDENTS who have previously attended an in-person Debt Management Session or completed this online DMS/EE have already fulfilled the first-time undergraduate borrower requirement. Such individuals do not need to take an online DMS/EE if they are still borrowing as an undergraduate or as a graduate/professional who is not borrowing a Grad PLUS.